Young Woman Seeks Old Man - Does It Work?

You want a wife 20 years younger than you? And you want to be happy?

Mail order brides accept men of every age, because they are used to age differences in their home country. That is what many agencies tell you.

Well, Russia is the number one mail order bride country of this age. And read what Marina Smiley tells you about it:

“In Russia it is very seldom that you will meet a family or couple, where the husband is more than 3-5 years older. In fact, in Russia, people who are in the midst of trying to marry, are almost the same age, usually no more than a one - three year age difference.”

Russian woman Marina Smiley, author of the acclaimed book Your Russian Bride: The Shocking Truth, is not telling you nonsense. Many Russians marry young, often before they are 20, and frequently their partner is someone they met at school or at the university.

There are exceptions to the rule. Just like in your own country. But age is a factor. Anyone who tells you it’s not, is a liar.

Be realistic: if a 19-year-old Russian girl wants to marry an American of 45, she might be more interested in a green card than in his good character.

It’s a known fact in the dating industry that ladies who are over 23 are more serious in searching a foreign partner.

But this doesn't mean your chances of finding a younger mail order bride are less than zero.

Mail order brides - yes also beautiful Russian women - are often willing to accept a bigger gap, as they know it will improve their chances.

Many of these women that are out of their teens, have had a broken relationship or marriage in the past, and have learned that men who are 10 years older can still be attractive.

But 20 years is still much.

Be wise and choose a woman that matches your life interests and who is not too young.

55-year-old stamp collectors should leave a 20-year-old who wants to visit disco's to younger men who like to dance to loud music too. A good and long lasting marriage is not built on hormones. You need to have something in common that doesn't fade like beauty.

O.K., that's clear. But now this:

What are your chances to find a beautiful mail order bride if you think YOU are dead ugly?

First of all, don’t think about your self that way. Be more confident. It will be noticed.

Second, show yourself to her in the best possible way.

Whether you make a photo or meet her in person: wear a clean shirt and a tie, a decent suit, polished shoes. Comb your hair and don’t forget to shave.

Mail order brides come from quite conservative countries and love conservatively dressed men.

Leave your shorts and Bermuda shirts at home. She will accept your casual clothing once you have a relationship.

Third, not every woman expects to be married with Richard Gere or Brad Pitt. What you think is ugly, may be attractive for her.

Forth, be a gentleman. In your letters, in your behavior.

And five: Look around in your home town and see what men found a wife. There’s a woman for everyone.

To sum it all up, let's listen to Elena Petrova. She is the well respected (and not at all ugly) author of How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me, one of the best guides on Russian women dating and definitely worth to check out.

This is what she says: "I can honestly tell you: ANY normal foreign man can attract attention of virtually ANY Russian woman, even the most beautiful one, if he meets some of her basic requirements and knows what to do."

Now that's encouraging!

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