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Surprisingly, many still do not know what are mail order brides. This is the best way to find a wife and start a family if you are constantly busy with your career, or you just do not want to look for your woman among your neighbors and acquaintances.

Why limit yourself if you can choose from the whole world? Let’s find out how to find best mail order brides and why it is so popular.

Where did mail order bride start?

We live in an incredible time, when modern services are better and better available for us: food delivery, online catalogs of clothes and other goods, home services, distance education and much more.

Among all this, one can especially single out the possibility of communicating with people around the world. We have become closer to each other like never before. Why not use it in all walks of life?

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It was obvious that mail order brides would become popular. Back in the 1800s, American and European men traveled to other countries to find a wife there.

What country has the best mail order brides? The best women for marriage, they chose Slavs (Russia, Ukraine, etc.), Asians, Latins and others. Now, finding one of them is much easier and more efficient: you just select it on the mail order bride website.

How did mail order bride become popular?

Over 5,000 mail order brides get married each year. This is an amazing figure, given that these sites try to maintain their narrow audience and do not open to the mass. They do this so that the services do not turn into typical dating websites with a lot of pick-ups, scammers and bots. Even from reviews, we see that our sites are more effective.

Since traveling in search of a wife began about 200 years ago, mail order bride sites appeared almost immediately with the advent of the Internet. Previously, such services were considered weird and many did not understand this, but over time it has become so common and popular that now it is considered a great way to get to know each other.

Are mail order bride sites successful?

You can read hundreds of positive reviews and romantic stories about how men and women found their love. This is the main evidence that these services are effective. You just need to register and see for yourself when you start chatting with nice and interesting women. One of them will soon become your wife. So, how do mail order brides at work?

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Unlike regular dating websites, we minimize scammers and bots, so you get maximum comfort, safety and pleasure from using sites. Therefore, every year more and more mail order bride sites appear, this is another indicator of how successful they are. How expensive are mail order brides? It may have a website subscription cost, but otherwise, it’s free.

Mail order bride or real life

Many newcomers ask the obvious question: why mail order brides are better if I can do this in real life? After all, there are so many friends and acquaintances, or, in the end, I can just go outside and meet a suitable girl. We want to clarify for you some nuances regarding mail order bride and real-life both:

  • Even if you ask each of your friends to introduce you to a single beauty, how many dates do you actually get? One? Two?
  • When you come on a date, your chances of marrying her are diminished because she a) does not want to get married; b) you are not so impressed with it; c) you did not like it and many, many other reasons.
  • Try to go out and make some dates with strangers. Even if you succeed, how much time will you spend on all these dates, and will at least one of them be successful?

Add to all this the constant employment of a modern person and high demands. It is not so easy to find the right person among your friends.

And if you want a long relationship now, and not 2-3 years old, to find out later that you do not fit together? Wow, this is an eternal cycle of love affairs that end in disappointment. Let’s see how mail order bride sites can handle it.

Can long distance mail order bride work?

On the other hand, you will ask how this can work if you do not see it in real life and cannot find out more about what it really is. We want to dispel these myths with a few facts and show what is mail order brides for real so that you do not have a distorted view of the mail order bride.

  1. This is just a way of getting to know you, not a format for your relationship. Everything is designed to ensure that you get to know her better, and when you are confident in her perfection, you will get to know her in real life. This allows you to not bind each other in advance and gives you time to choose.
  2. People online are more open and honest. She can tell you a lot about herself, and you can show your best features.
  3. To really learn more about her, talk on Skype, add her to Facebook and google her name. Do not limit yourself to her profile on the site, make sure that she is the same in real life.

Which mail order bride app is the best?

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The capabilities of our smartphones are unlimited, and we can use apps and websites equally conveniently. We will show you the best mail order bride search services that have established themselves as the best and take first place in the ratings.

  • Victoria Hearts. One of the best sites where there are a huge audience and wives from around the world.
  • Asia Charm. If you are a fan of Asian exotic beauty, here you will find your stunning wife.
  • Match Truly. The name speaks for itself: an ideal service with advanced search.
  • Latin Feels. A site where you will find the hottest Latin women for marriage.
  • Valentime. The romantic name of the site and the unique functionality of the site will help you quickly find your love.

Mail order bride profile tips

We are specialists in dating websites, and we want to share with you the most useful tips on using mail order bride sites. These tips will help you quickly navigate the work of services since they all have similar rules and structure of work. How to order mail order brides?

  • First, beware of scammers. Never transfer money to users or give your contact details. Bots or scammers usually talk a little about themselves and try to learn more about you, although at first, it seems to you’re caring and sweet. The profile of a real person should contain real photos and a description of him.
  • Secondly, If you are not ready to lose your time, do not communicate with a person without a photograph. It may seem mysterious and romantic, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, a person should show his photos right away. Appearance does not matter when it comes to love, but this is not the place to check it.

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Therefore, you should fill out your profile carefully. Add your usual photos where you do your hobbies or just smile. The more real you show yourself, the more attention you will receive. Do not use the photo in swimming trunks or with a naked torso, this can scare away many girls. If you use a professional photo, add the usual ones as well.

Is mail order bride protector legit?

Mail order bride websites are completely legal and regulated by law just like any other dating site. Men and women must have a clear criminal past and act in accordance with the rules of the website and the law.

Women receive a visa to their fiancé’s country also in accordance with the laws of the country. Usually, there is no problem if you are truly in love and married.


Every year, mail order brides are becoming more and more popular, and now you have the opportunity to try it before it becomes too competitive.

In addition, why wait for your happiness if you can get married this year and create the strongest family? One of the girls is already waiting for you right now!