People say the Dominican Republic is heaven on earth for a reason. For plenty of reasons, actually. Despite lots of difficulties Dominicans face, they always remain optimistic, and probably, that’s a bit easier in the land of white-sand beaches, palms, and blue waves. However, nature is not the biggest treasure of the republic. Its biggest treasure is its women. Dominican brides are some of the most popular and desirable women in the international dating market—a lot of men want to find a future wife in this specific country. But why? And what makes Dominican mail order wives leave their magnificent Dominicana and migrate to their husband’s country? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this guide.

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Why choose Dominican women for marriage?

dominican woman for marriage posing

So, what makes Dominican mail order brides this irresistible? Here are the answers:

  • Special attitude towards the family. Let us explain what exactly we mean by “special attitude”. Family, both the one you already have and the one you create yourself, is the most precious thing in the life of every Dominican woman. These girls take marriage 100% seriously—they are not one of the girls who think that divorce is always a good solution to any problems spouses may face. They believe that only strong family bonds, mutual respect, support, and understanding can make a person happy.
  • Loyalty. The loyalty of Dominican wives is related to the above-mentioned values. They marry a man only if they truly love him and believe that they can build a strong family together.
  • Confident, emotional, and ambitious. Life with a Dominican wife will never be boring. It really seems that they are not afraid of anything, are open to all the new things that can happen in life, and want to prove to the world that they are strong enough to reach any goal. Men who marry them say they are full of life, and that’s true.

And of course, we couldn’t fail to mention that Dominican girls for marriage are incredibly attractive. The Dominican Republic is one of the Latin countries where women are naturally pretty and where beauty standards are incredibly high (some may even say that too high). Still, that makes local girls work hard to “stand the competition”, and men worldwide just go crazy about their beautiful faces and hot bodies. And yes, after they find out that these women are also marriage-minded, kind, loyal, and optimistic, they usually marry them.

Why do Dominican brides seek western men?

It’s understandable why a man wants to find a Dominican bride. But why does she want to meet him, too? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Good old machismo. Yes, this is a problem for many South American societies. The thing is the “exaggerated sense of manliness” has a negative impact on relationships. Domestic violence, conflicts, misunderstandings often are caused by the fact that a man just doesn’t want to compromise and respect a lady’s goals, desires, and values.
  • Disspointment in local men because of previous relationship experience. Well, it would be wrong not to mention this pretty personal reason. Many women just have negative relationship experiences and believe that they can avoid them in the future by finding a man with a different cultural background and more “suitable” values.
  • Opportunity to find a better match. A lot of Dominican wives believe that western men are better educated, better-mannered, more respectful, and caring. Probably, this is the most important reason why they are looking for foreign matches—they just believe that they deserve better, and we can’t argue with this.
dominican girl for marriage swimming

Basically, all the above-mentioned things are the main reason why a man can easily meet Dominican mail order brides, contact them, and start a relationship with a girl he likes pretty fast—they are looking for matches, too.

How much does a Dominican mail order bride cost?

So, how much is a Dominican mail order wife? This is a wrong question, actually. You can pay for a woman and make her your wife. The right question is “How much does it cost to find, date, and marry a woman from the Dominican Republic?”

However, there is no single answer to it. The total cost is made up of the cost of membership on a dating website (or the cost of credits) and your travel expenses (you’ll need to go to Dominicana at least a few times to meet your future bride and person, get closer, and take your relationship to the next level). A lot depends on the choices you make. For example, you can use a mid-range site or an expensive website, stay at a fancy or an average hotel, etc. Still, the average amount most men usually spend is approximately 3-4 thousand dollars.

Final thoughts

The opportunity to find Dominican brides online is real. You only need to decide if you need it and if the answer is yes, choose the right dating service provider. We also recommend learning more about Dominican dating culture—that will help you win a local woman’s heart much faster.