Most people used to think that Argentina is a sunny beautiful country with friendly people, amazing nature and rich culture. And pretty much it is, but there is another fact that makes this country stand out—this is a place where the most gorgeous and optimistic women live. Many of them don’t want to limit themselves to dating men from their country only and start looking for foreign boyfriends and husbands. What makes stunning Argentinian brides take this step? Is everything so good in this country? What makes men look for an Argentinian mail order bride instead of finding a girlfriend in their cities? That’s what we’re going to discuss.

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Why choose Argentinian women for marriage?

An Argentinian bride is nearly synonymous with a dream girl, but what are men really looking for? Maybe that’s all about beauty, or maybe men are looking for specific personality traits? Here are some facts about Argentinian mail order brides—most men mention them when explaining why they date girls from this very country.

argentinian woman for marriage sunbathing
  • Natural beauty is a gift, but beauty standards require more. Argentinian females are recognized as some of the most beautiful Latin women and the hottest women in the whole world. Beautiful facial features, gorgeous bodies, long thick hair, and deep eyes—all that makes them absolutely irresistible. However, it’s not enough for these women. The beauty industry is incredibly developed in this country because most local girls don’t want to be just pretty—they are ready to spend hours in the gym and beauty studios to be perfect. It’d be wrong to deny that this attracts men, too.
  • Being marriage-minded is common and even encouraged. That’s absolutely normal for Argentinian ladies to dream of a happy, strong family. They do care about their careers, self-development, ambitions, but the vast majority of them would say that they can’t imagine their future without a loving husband and children.
  • Super-motivated to be mothers. Speaking of children, they just love them (and kids don’t have to be their own—this is love “by default”). That attracts men who know that most women in their countries would say that having a kid or more than one kid “would be too hard”.
  • Passionate, spontaneous, full of life. It’s hard to describe that unique vibe in Argentina. Yes, life is not always easy and simple in this country, but local ladies remain incredibly optimistic.

Basically, these are the main reasons why men look for Argentinian wives. They are attractive, optimistic, family-minded, and at the same time confident and ambitious. But why would such women look for boyfriends overseas?

Why do Argentinian brides seek western men?

In fact, an Argentinian mail order wife may have dozens of reasons to look for a husband abroad. Here are just a few most important and common ones:

  1. Machismo. Some say that’s just a part of Latin culture, but a lot of women are tired of it. The thing is machismo is not about just passion, emotions, and other things like that, it’s also about discrimination and lack of respect for women. Respect is the thing that Argentinian mail order brides are looking for overseas.
  2. Social problems, violence. Argentina is a developing country that faces a lot of social, political, economic problems. Violence, criminal activities, domestic violence are just the consequences of an unstable situation. And it doesn’t sound like this country is the best place to raise children and yes, this is another reason why local girls want to find a loving husband and live with him in a safer country.
  3. Equality. We have already mentioned that a lot of Argentinian girls for marriage are just looking for more respect. Ladies are still discriminated against at different levels, in their families, at work, etc. They are seeking real equality, and they know they can find it in another country.
argentinian girl for marriage on yacht

Note that this is always about the combination of different factors, from personal, like heartbreaking experiences and failure to find love to social and economic ones. Still, the fact is that Argentinian women believe that they can have a better, happier relationship and a family with someone from another country. But how can men find an Argentinian wife and how much will that cost?

How much does an Argentinian mail order bride cost?

Men can really meet Argentinian mail order wives on niche websites. The sites have their pricing policies, and in 90% of cases, these are the premium platforms. You can’t also marry someone you’ve never met in real life—that’s not only a bad strategy but also illegal in most western countries. So, you’ll need to go to Argentina, too, at least a few times. It’s actually a good opportunity to spend more time together and understand if you really can start a family.

So, what about the expenses? The amounts of money men spend vary a lot. They depend on tons of things, from the prices on your dating site to the time you’ll need to meet someone special and your travel style. On average, men spend about $6,000 (mid-range website membership/credits, tickets, accommodation, food, transport included).

Final thoughts

There are thousands of Argentinian brides online. The question is if you really want to date and marry one of them. If you do, just take the first step and remember that success largely depends on the service providers you choose and your dating strategy.