When people are asked about the motivation of mail order brides they usually mention money and stability, mostly because it’s considered that foreign wives come from developing countries. If so, why do a lot of women become Korean mail order wives? South Korea is a very modern, developed, and even leading country. On top of that, it’s been a very conservative society for a really, really long time. Why overcome all the challenges, look for a husband abroad, move to another country? And why do so many men want to find Korean brides? That’s what we’re going to discuss.

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Why choose Korean women for marriage?

Why join niche sites and pay for membership to find Korean mail order brides? For most men, the reasons are as follows:

  1. Outstanding beauty. Of course, we couldn’t fail to mention this factor. A lot of men worldwide go crazy about Asian girls, in particular, about South Korean women. Their beauty is popularized worldwide, and it’s no secret that local ladies are not only naturally pretty but they also make a lot of effort to become ideal versions of themselves.
  2. Optimism and emotions combined with “typical” calm Asian temper. South Korean girls for marriage are not like many other Asian women. They are pretty emotional and even moody, and a lot of men think that’s rather an advantage—after all, emotions are what can spice up a relationship.
  3. Respect to some good old values, in particular, family values. Though many Korean wives are westernized, they still believe that family is the most precious thing in life.
  4. Opportunity to feel like a “real man”. Most local girls like manlier men. No, it’s not about machismo, at least, its negative aspects, but the ability to solve problems and support a girl is what attracts them and makes men stronger.
  5. Education and manners. Korea has one of the best educational systems in the world, and the number of female students is larger than in most other countries in the world.
korean girl for marriage with flower in hair

Of course, most men don’t analyze these factors before deciding that they like girls from Korea and would like to meet Korean mail order brides online and then date them in real life. Guys are rather attracted to them due to the combination of all the above-mentioned characteristics.

Why do Korean brides seek western men?

So, why would a regular woman in Korea decide to become a Korean mail order wife? Here are the answers:

  • Is work really a top priority? Maybe for some ladies it is, but not for all. Koreans work hard. It’s incredibly difficult to find free time to build a relationship, not to mention dating someone for years before you finally get married. Often, Korean females who turn 30 understand that finding a match in another country won’t be as challenging as finding a husband in Korea.
  • Moving from parents is not that easy. You probably heard that South Korea is one of the most developed and richest countries in the modern world. However, there are side effects, too. For example, you should be super-rich to buy your own apartment in Seoul—and that’s why being a grown-up and living with parents is very, very common. And that’s not the best condition for building healthy relationships sometimes.
  • Foreign men expect less and respect more. Again, Korea is a very modern country. However, it’s pretty conservative when it comes to particular social trends. For example, a husband may expect wives to be nearly perfect and have no personal interests—the family must be their only priority. Western men usually are more open-minded and understand that a woman can be a good wife and a developed personality with her own goals at the same time.

As you can see, they also have reasons to choose this path, especially considering that being a Korean bride has nothing to do with posting your photos in a catalog and letting men choose you and pay for you. If so, how does the system actually works, and can you get a wife for free?

How much does a Korean mail order bride cost?

korean lady sunbathing

The only fast and easy way to meet Korean brides is to use niche dating sites with a lot of single ladies from South Korea. In 99% of cases, good platforms are premium sites, and members need to pay for membership and/or purchase credits. You can’t also marry anyone if you were dating online without meeting each other in real life. So, online dating and trips to South Korea are the main expenditures. The total amount you’ll spend depends on plenty of things including:

  1. Your site’s policy
  2. The time you spend on the site, the number of women you contact
  3. Your location and location of your bride
  4. Your travel style—tickets, hotels, restaurants you prefer
  5. Your luck (how fast you find the bride), etc.

Still, we can calculate the approximate average amount that a man spends on everything from dating services to tickets, and it’s about $5,500.

Final thoughts

What is the chance that a Korean wife will make you happy? You need to answer this question yourself, considering all the information. If you understand that the chance is real, why not look for an ideal match in Korea? Just keep in mind that this is possible only if you choose the right dating website.