Who are Polish brides? How to find Polish mail order wives? How much does it cost to get a Polish wife? Read this guide and find all the answers to your questions about Polish females!

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Why choose Polish women for marriage?

Polish mail order brides are among the most popular Slavic mail order brides, and for a good reason. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why you just can’t miss Polish girls!

polish mail order bride smiling

  • They are really hot. Everyone understands that it’s not the first factor to consider when choosing a wife, but Polish wives are exceptionally beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful faces—they look perfectly Slavic (and we mean that in the best way possible).
  • They are traditional—well, at least they are more traditional than Western and American women. First of all, Polish society is pretty religious—3 out of 4 Polish citizens consider religion important. Second, it’s about their country. They were raised in pretty conservative families, they live in a pretty traditional society, and they are generally traditional—but as we’ve said, only when compared with American ladies because Slavic women from some neighboring countries e.g Ukraine and Russia are generally less Westernized than Polish beauties.
  • Polish girls for marriage are intelligent and ambitious. This is especially true when it comes to younger women in their 20s who were raised with the awareness of such concepts as gender equality and women’s rights. They want to have a career, they are hard-working, and they can achieve the greatest heights.
  • They are direct and well-organized. That’s something they got from Germans (Polish society and culture were hardly influenced by the German ones throughout history). However, they somehow keep it under control and we can’t say that Polish women are too controlling.
  • Polish mail order brides love dating men from the United States. There are lots of dating platforms where you can meet women from Poland—and it’s a matter of tens of thousands, not just thousands. They really like American men and they have no prejudices against dating a man from the United States. Continue reading to find out why!

Why do Polish brides seek Western men?

The point is, lots of single Polish girls think that American men make much better husbands than Polish men. For some, it’s about treating women with more respect, for some, it’s about being faithful and loyal, and for others, it’s about splitting the chores. The reasons might differ, but most women who are searching for an American husband think that a man from the US will simply be a better partner for them than a Polish guy. But after all, it’s all about your personality, not about your skin color or nationality. The main goal is to show your Polish bride that you’re a decent, strong, loyal, and interesting man, not to impress her with your U.S. passport.

polish bride in top

Right now, we’ll explain how to date a Polish mail order bride and to charm her!

Dating Polish girls for marriage: Useful tips

  1. Always be a gentleman on a date. In Poland, it’s you who makes the reservations, opens the doors, leads the date, and orders second at a restaurant.
  2. Don’t forget about romantic things. Come up with some romantic date night ideas, plan some fun and cute activities—it’s not that hard but it’s something that will impress almost any Polish woman. And that’s exactly how you stand out from the crowd of Polish men who are rarely that romantic.
  3. She will most likely be cold on the first date, or at least during the first hour. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you or feels uncomfortable. This is just how it always works with Slavic ladies (Polish brides aren’t an exception).
  4. Ask questions! As we’ve said, your Polish mail order wife will most likely be a bit reserved on the first date, and asking questions is a great way to both make her feel more comfortable and to know her better. However, you shouldn’t ask too many questions—this can be awkward. Just keep the balance right!

How much does a Polish mail order bride cost?

Getting a Polish wife isn’t free, of course. It’s like online dating in the US where you chat with a girl you like and ask her out, but a bit more expensive because asking a Polish lady out means paying for the tickets, for the hotel rooms, and for lots of other things. Let’s talk about how much it actually costs to find a Polish woman for marriage:

  • Mail order bride websites cost $50-$80 per month
  • A one-way ticket from NYC to Warsaw costs $500
  • 1 week in Warsaw costs $1,000-$1,500
  • The wedding can cost you $6,000-$9,000


Polish women are fantastic. They make great wives and mothers, they are exceptionally attractive and feminine, but at the same time, they are pretty ambitious and very hard-working. The good news is that you can meet Polish wives online right now—just choose a dating site and sign up on it, that’s all you need!