If the only thing you’ve heard about Slavic women is that they are very family-centered and traditional, Czech brides will surprise you. Czech females are not like other Slav women, especially the ones from East Slavic countries—so meeting and dating a Czech mail order wife is a completely different experience. Due to historical reasons, Czech women are far from a traditional image of a shy Slavic girl—and here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

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Why choose Czech wives?

Let’s start with the top reasons why you just have to choose Czech women for marriage:

  • Czech mail order brides are extremely attractive. It’s not even about their natural beauty (but it’s worth mentioning too), it’s more about their diets, about their makeup, and about how they dress. The combination of all these factors makes Czech ladies literally irresistible to any man!

czech mail order bride walking

  • Women from the Czech Republic are feminine and caring. Like all Slavic women, they are very romantic and caring. They are also very supportive so if you want your wife to stay with you through both good and bad times, Czech beauties are a perfect choice for you!
  • At the same time, most Czech girls are hard-working, ambitious, and career-oriented. We don’t want to say they are as career-oriented as women from the United States, of course. But the number of Czech women who believe that giving up their career prospects to stay at home and raise kids is a good idea is much lower than the one in other Slavic countries.
  • They are direct and straightforward. That’s something they’ve got from German culture—so a Czech bride will never hide her real feelings or play games with you.
  • They are not too emotional, especially when compared with Ukrainian or Bulgarian women. You can compare them to Russian girls in this regard—sometimes, you’ll have to break the ice on the first dates with Czech mail order wives.

How to meet Czech girls for marriage?

Going to the Czech Republic is a great way to find a Czech mail order bride, but only if you don’t care about saving money and time. You will have to spend at least a few thousand dollars to go to the Czech Republic and to spend at least a week here, and the main problem here is that you have no guarantees. The chances to meet a Czech wife who wants to get an American husband on the streets of Prague are very low, you need to understand that. So ideally, you need a place with thousands of Czech women who are searching for a man from the United States.

czech girl for marriage near sea

We’re talking about online dating here, of course. It’s easy to date Czech mail order wives online—you only need to choose a website and to create an account on it, that’s all. It’s much easier than offline dating, and it’s obviously much cheaper than going to the Czech Republic because basically, all you’ll have to pay for at the beginning is the premium membership on a dating platform and they are usually not that costly ($50-$80 per month).

Why do Czech brides seek Western men?

Have you ever thought about why all those beautiful, educated, hard-working, and traditional women from Europe want to find an American man? According to the guides and posts like this, these women are perfect wife material—so how’s it possible for them to be ignored by men from their country?

The answer is: Czech men don’t ignore Czech women. Czech men are simply not what Czech mail order brides want.

It’s not about too high standards or gold-digging—it’s about basic things like respect, loyalty, and care. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you) these are the things some Czech men lack. They are not that bad, they just can’t keep up with the rapid changes experienced by the Czech society. These women want their men to treat them with respect, they want to be treated as equals, and they want their men to be loyal to them (because Czech girls are already loyal to their husbands). If they believe American men can give them what they want, why not?

How much does a Czech mail order bride cost?

You can’t buy a woman, be it a Czech mail order wife, a Ukrainian, an Asian, or an African bride. It’s impossible, illegal, and inappropriate.

What you can do is chat with these women, meet Czech brides, choose the lady you like best, and propose to her. Here’s how much it usually costs:

  1. Premium subscription on a dating website—$50-$90 for 1 month
  2. Ticket to Prague—$500
  3. 1 week in Prague—$1,500-$2,000
  4. The wedding—anything from $2,000 to $10,000 (typically, it’s around $6,000-$8,000)


There are thousands of Czech ladies who want to meet a man from the United States—and all of these women are just great. They are very beautiful and stylish, they are feminine, hard-working, and supportive—and they are waiting for you on dozens of dating websites!