Slavic Mail Order Brides Dating: All You Ever Wanted To Know About It

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Women from Slavic Region. Do they sit online a lot? Is it possible to meet them on dating sites? Check out these dating sites to find your Slavic wife.

Best Online Slavic Sites & Tips - Pros And Cons

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Date Russian Girl
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Find Russia Brides
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Kiss Russian Beauty
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Wondering where to meet Slavic brides? Want to understand how much it costs to get a Slavic mail order wife? Or maybe you just want to know Slavic females better? In all these cases, you’ve come to the right place—you’ll find literally everything about Slavic ladies here!

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Why choose Slavic women for marriage?

The nicest thing about Slavic mail order brides is their traditional mindset. That’s what most American men like about Slavic beauties and that’s what these women are well-known for. However, it’s not a 100% true stereotype.

Young Slavic brides are not as traditional and conservative as the ladies in their 40s

Young Slavic women are more Westernized and they have quite modern views on gender equality and on the women’s role in society and in the family. They still want to have children and to get married, of course—but it’s not their one and only goal anymore. This is especially the case for women from Western Slavic countries due to the situation with gender awareness and women’s rights in this region. The women from Eastern Slavic countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) are a bit more traditional, but the tendencies we’ve just talked about are slowly becoming prevalent in these countries, too.

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Slavic mail order brides are exceptionally attractive

This is probably not the only reason to meet Slavic girls for marriage, but you definitely can’t ignore it. Slavic women are different—some of them have black hair and olive skin while the others have blonde hair and pale skin—but they all are naturally attractive. It’s not only about natural beauty, of course. Slavic wives are also known for their great sense of style and for their great makeup skills.

Need another reason to find a Slavic mail order bride? Here it is.

Slavic women are different

If you’re searching for a girl who will gladly become a stay-at-home wife, it’s simple—just focus on such countries as Ukraine or Russia. If you want to find a Slavic lady who is very emotional, energetic, and loud, think of South Slavic countries like Bulgaria or Serbia. Looking for a Slavic bride who is both feminine, very hard-working, and well-aware of gender equality? Then, West Slavs are what you need (Poland and Slovakia, for example).

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How to meet a Slavic lady?

It’s not that hard to go to Eastern Europe and to meet Slavic mail order brides there. But the thing is, the women you’ll meet this way are not the women you really need—it’s possible to have a fun night with a Slavic girl you’ve found in a nightclub, but in the absolute majority of cases, that’s not how you start a serious, long-term relationship. What we recommend you to do is to meet Slavic brides online—it’s simple, fast, and cheap. What’s more, it’s much safer than going to, say, Ukraine or Russia and searching for a woman in the nightclubs!

Why do Slavic mail order brides seek Western men?

Some Slavic women, especially when we’re talking about the brides from Ukraine and Russia, want to get a better life in the United States. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with gold-digging—they don’t want your money, they just want to have a better quality of life, that’s all. But what drives most of these women (including East, South, and West Slavs) is their desire to find a respectful and caring man who will treat them better than men from their countries. This is why most Slavic girls become mail order brides—they just think that men from the United States make better partners!

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How much does a Slavic mail order bride cost?

There’s no such thing as “buying” a Slavic mail order wife. You chat with them, you meet them, and then you marry a girl you like best, that’s the only way it works. In fact, you will have to pay for a lot of things, from a ticket to the premium membership on a dating website. Let’s be more detailed:

  • The premium membership on a dating website will cost you $60-$80 per month.
  • A week in a Slavic country will cost you anything from $400 to $1,500. It depends on how expensive a country is—a trip to Ukraine will cost you about $500 while a trip to Slovakia or Slovenia will be much more expensive.
  • A flight to Eastern Europe costs around $800-$1,200 (round-trip).
  • The wedding can cost you $2,000, $4,000, or $10,000. There are too many factors to consider so it’s impossible to provide a more detailed prognosis.


Slavic mail order wives are just perfect! They are very beautiful, very feminine, and very romantic. At the same time, they are different—the girls from West Slavic countries are more Westernized and career-oriented while the ladies who live in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, are a bit more traditional when it comes to family values and gender roles. What’s even more important, Slavic wives like foreign men—and there are thousands of them on Slavic mail order bride websites. Just choose a site, sign up, and start chatting with them!

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