There are a lot of stereotypes about Thai brides. A lot of people confuse them with Thai bar girls despite the fact that these two “social groups” have nothing to do with each other. They literally have nothing in common—their motivation, goals, and even characteristics are absolutely different. So who mail order brides from Thailand really are? Why do men marry them? And why do they marry foreign guys? You’ll find all the answers in this guide.

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Why choose Thai mail order wives?

So, what makes Thai mail order brides so attractive? Spoiler alert—it’s not only about appearance.

thai mail order wife swimming
  1. The beauty that mesmerizes. Of course, this is one of the reasons (but not the only and not the most important reason) why western guys choose Thai women for marriage. They are some of the prettiest women not only in Asia but in the entire world.
  2. Ability to assimilate to the western society. Cultural differences may be a problem when two partners are really from two different worlds, especially if they don’t compromise and refuse to learn more about each other’s cultures. In Thailand, it’s not a big problem. Thai society is pretty westernized.
  3. Openness to the world and other people. That’s another thing that makes Thai females special—unlike many other Asian girls, they don’t live in a pretty isolated and conservative society, and that influences their characters. They are much more open-minded, friendly, seeking new experiences.
  4. Tranquility and Conflicts don’t actually solve problems. Compromises do. Another reason why guys prefer to marry Thai women is their desire to compromise instead of initiating conflicts. They are pretty emotional, that’s true, but they don’t let negative emotions ruin relationships they have.
  5. Family values are still important. Despite the fact that Thai society is changing and developing, there is at least one thing that remains the same—for most Thai ladies, family is the most precious thing in life.
  6. Manners. Not losing face is one of the most important rules in nearly all Asian societies, and Thailand is not an exception. Local girls are shy, well-mannered, and pretty educated, by the way.

All this together makes Thai girls for marriage some of the most desired women in the world.

Why do Thai brides seek western men?

Why would a regular woman in Thailand become a Thai mail order wife? It’s it all about the idea of finding a wealthy man? Not exactly. It’s just not that simple. Here are some reasons why women choose this option instead of dating and marrying Thai men.

thai girl for marriage
  1. Local girls are often more educated and often hard-working than local men. Surprisingly, there is actually a social gap between Thai women and Thai men. However, local guys are not better educated. By contrast, it’s harder for a young woman to find a man who’d be as educated, good-mannered, hard-working, and successful as she is.
  2. Adultery. On top of that, Thai men are not the most loyal men in the world. Statistically, adultery is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Moreover, it’s a big social problem as a cheating man is not always seen as a cheater but as a macho, a “real man”. No wonder many Thai mail order brides want to avoid being involved in such a scenario.
  3. Stability, or lack of stability, to be exact. Unmet fertility is another big problem. Most Thai brides want to have children but can’t afford to raise them. In many cases, it’s just too hard in a not as economically secure country as it could be in a developed one. That’s why they see finding a husband overseas as a great opportunity to change that and finally start a real family.

As you can see, there are plenty of social problems and factors that make Thai women sign up for global dating sites looking for western men. Western guys, in turn, can meet Thai mail order wives on these platforms, too. But how much does that cost?

How much does a Thai mail order bride cost?

It’s crucially important to emphasize that you can meet, not buy Thai wives online. Still, dating services are not provided for free. On top of that, you can’t marry a woman you’ve never met in real life, so yes, you’ll need to go to Thailand to meet your girlfriend a few times.

The costs of dating and travel services vary greatly. And they depend on the decision that online daters make. Are you going to choose a cheap or a premium site? How many women are you going to contact? Do you prefer luxurious trips or mid-range travels? All that will affect the total “cost of a wife”. On average, men who choose mid-range options (from tickets to hotels and dating services) spend about $5,000 in total.

Final thoughts

Should you find a Thai wife? Consider the facts that we provided in this guide and make your decision. Just remember that success largely depends on the choices you make, from the dating site that you use to how you build a relationship with your Thai bride.