Interested in Ukrainian brides? Well, you’re not alone—the number of Ukrainian mail order wives who get married to men from the US is extremely high and this country is basically the most popular European country when it comes to international dating. If you want to know more about getting a Ukrainian wife, continue reading—we’ll tell you everything here, from the costs to the top reasons why you can’t miss these women.

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Why choose Ukrainian wives?

The most popular reason to meet Ukrainian brides is their beauty. That’s true—Ukrainian ladies are extremely attractive and this country always makes it to the top lists of the countries with the most beautiful women. But that’s not what you should be driven by when choosing a wife.

ukrainian bride in blouse

First of all, it’s totally possible to find tens of thousands of extremely beautiful women in any country in the world—yes, the chance is quite high that you’ll meet a gorgeous girl right on the streets of Kyiv, but it’s not that higher than that of any other country.

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Second, it makes no sense choosing a wife according to her beauty only. Her beautiful face won’t keep your marriage strong, her fit body won’t make her loyal and interesting to talk to, and her sense of style has nothing to do with her character. Marrying a woman for her beauty only is one of the most stupid things a man can do, actually—if your bride is stunning, it’s cool, but it must be the icing on a cake of personality traits.

And the good news is: Ukrainian girls for marriage are not just beautiful, they are also perfect wife material. Want to know why? Then check out the following list:

  • Ukrainian women are very open-minded. No prejudices against foreign men, no negative stereotypes (but a lot of positive ones), no judging based on nationality or ethnicity—Ukrainian females think that your character traits and personality are much more important than anything else.
  • Have you heard about traditional and even conservative Ukrainian ladies? It’s one of those true stereotypes about them, but it’s not entirely true. The point is, Ukrainians do have traditional views on family roles (a man protects and provides while a woman makes her man happy, keeps the house clean, and raises the kids). However, Ukrainian society is slowly moving towards a post-traditional concept of family roles. The gender roles are slowly changing and mixing, women are becoming more career-oriented, and they don’t think that being a stay-at-home wife is the only opportunity they have.
  • As a result, Ukrainian mail order brides are intelligent and very hard-working, especially when we’re talking about the ones in their 20s. This is another great example of how the Ukrainian mentality has changed during the last decades. Unlike the Ukrainian girls in the 1990s, modern mail order brides from Ukraine don’t view American husbands as golden tickets to a better life where they can sit, relax, and get gifts. They view this whole situation as a chance to work hard in a place where their efforts would be rewarded and to live a better life with a foreign man, not as an opportunity to find a walking ATM.

ukrainian girl for marriage in dress

How to meet Ukrainian brides?

The best way to find a Ukrainian bride is online dating. There are lots of websites where you can meet Ukrainian women for marriage online and chat with thousands of beautiful girls from this country. Find Ukraine girls for marriage at

Offline dating can work, too, but only under certain conditions. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian well, if you’re good at picking women up, if you have a lot of free time to waste and money to spend, if you’re not afraid of various things that can happen to a foreigner who approaches Ukrainian girls in Ukraine, and if you’re lucky enough to meet a woman who wants to find an American boyfriend or partner—then yes, offline dating is for you. If you are not sure about it, try online dating first.

Why do Ukrainian mail order brides seek Western men?

A few decades ago, mail order brides from Ukraine only viewed American men as walking ATMs who would get them a better life. Now, everything has changed. Today, young Ukrainian brides want to meet foreign men because they believe that foreign men are more faithful, more respectful, and more caring than men from the United States.

How much does a Ukrainian mail order wife cost?

Ukraine is not the most expensive country, but getting a Ukrainian bride can be quite costly. Here’s what you will have to pay for:

  • Dating website—$50-$80 per month
  • Ticket to Kyiv—$700-$1,000 for a one-way ticket
  • Week in Kyiv (hotel room, taxi, restaurants)—$500-$1,000
  • Wedding—$3,000-$8,000


Ukrainian ladies are so popular for a reason. It’s all about their beauty, their character traits, their loyalty, and their traditional values—the combination of all these factors make Ukrainian mail order wives so desirable.