What do we know about the Philippines? This is a country with absolutely amazing nature and friendly people who remain optimistic despite all the difficulties they face. However, if we take a look at the marriage statistics, we’ll find out that these islands are also the place with nearly the largest number of marriage immigrants, most of whom are women, or “Filipino mail order wives”. They migrate not only to western countries but also to other Asian countries.

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Why can’t they find a Philipino wife? What’s wrong with the institution of the family in this country? Why do so many men worldwide look for Filipino brides and marry them in a pretty short time after they meet them? We’ll answer all the questions in this guide.

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Why choose Filipino women for marriage?

Before we move on to the motivation of Filipino mail order brides, let’s talk about the motivation of men who marry them. Why don’t they look for an ideal match in their own cities or at least countries? Why choose a girl from another culture? Basically, the reasons are as follows:

  • They are seeking new opportunities. Some people used to think that all Asian communities are pretty isolated, but it’s not exactly true. Women in the Philippines, for example, know about the latest world trends, accept many of them, and understand that they could have many more opportunities than they actually have. They are open to new experiences, adventurous, and spontaneous.
  • Filipino females don’t focus on material things too much. No, we don’t want to say that they literally don’t care about living conditions, good clothes, education, or anything like that. Spiritual things are just viewed as more important, and you’ll hardly meet a regular Filipino wife crying about not getting Cartier for Christmas.
  • Friendliness, tolerance, and manners matter. That’s the national characteristics—Filipino people, like most other Asians, prefer not to lose face under any circumstances, are well-mannered, and differences, including cultural ones, never bother them.
  • Natural beauty of Asian girls. It would be wrong not to mention this as it’s one of the important reasons why men look for these girls. Still, though men are really attracted to local hotties, their beauty would hardly make this many guys marry them. In this case, beauty works in combination with all the things that we mentioned above and well, makes these women absolutely irresistible.

A Filipino mail order wife is still an Asian woman but there’s no denying that she’s likely to be more westernized, too. Along with beauty, optimism, and ability to assimilate, that attracts this many men worldwide.

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Why do Filipino brides seek western men?

You can really meet a lot of Filipino mail order brides online. But what are they really looking for? Why do they prefer to date and marry guys from the US, Japan, Australia, and plenty of other countries? Isn’t it all about money? Not really. Here are the real, most common reasons:

  • Adultery is not even stigmatized, at least, not as much as it should be. We mentioned that the institution of the family is a bit different in the Philippines, and that’s true. The thing is adultery is common, and men who have a wife and another woman (and they can date her for years or for the whole life, actually) is often even encouraged and seen as a “macho”, Of course, that’s actually a big problem for many women seeking monogamous relationships.
  • They are serious about marriage and family. Divorcing a husband in the Philippines has never been easy. On top of that, it was even prohibited and women who decided to separate were stigmatized. A Filipino bride is likely to choose a partner super carefully and make everything to start a happy, strong family.

As you can see, it’s not just about moving to another more stable country—things that make girls take this step are a bit more complicated.

How much does a Filipino mail order bride cost?

Can you meet Filipino girls for marriage on the web? Yes, you can—there are thousands of singles from this country looking for foreign men. Can you just pay and get a wife? That’s impossible. However, you can find a woman, date her and then marry her. And yes, you’ll need to spend some money on this.

The amount will depend on the choices you make, from the dating site to the hotel you choose (you’ll need to meet your bride in real life, and therefore, you’ll need to go to the Philippines a few times). If we suppose that you are not too demanding, choose a mid-range site, and go to the country twice before you decide to marry your girlfriend, you’ll spend 4-5 thousand dollars on dating and trips.

Final thoughts

Generally speaking, every single man has a real chance to find Filipino brides. All you need to do is to learn more about the culture (you’ll need this knowledge to impress a local woman) and to choose the right dating platform that will help you reach your goal.