Latin Mail Order Brides: Facts About Latin Women For Marriage

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South American and the Caribbean, i.e. the Latin region, remains the most popular in the international dating market. What exactly does that mean? The largest number of men join Latin dating sites such as La Date or international platforms with many Latin brides, date them, and yes, then marry them. Paradoxically, some studies show that such marriages are even stronger than marriages between Americans—they end in divorce more rarely. So, what is so special about Latin mail order wives? Aren’t they just women looking for a wealthy man? How much do future husbands pay for a wife or for an opportunity to meet a wife, to be exact? We’ll give the answers to these and many other questions in this guide.

Latin: Reputable Mail Order Wife Sites 2022

Most Popular Choice
Colombia Lady
Colombia Lady is an online dating agency with over 7,000 members worldwide. It allows you to search for potential partners based on your personal preferences, including age, weight, height, hair and eye color as well as location and provides a matching service.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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La Date
Average Girls Age
Our Score
Amo Latina
Amo Latina provides a wide variety of communication tools to communicate with latin girls.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
Our Score
Colombia Girl
Colombia Girl is a marriage agency for men hoping to form romantic relationships with a woman.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Latam Date
A company that works so that single people find a soul mate. The Latam Date agency offers brides from all over the world.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Latamdate has elaborate and useful search tools that allow you to maximize the efficiency of the matchmaking process.
Average Girls Age
25 - 34
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Women from Latin America. Do they sit online a lot? Is it possible to meet them on dating sites? Check out to date your Latin bride!

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Why choose Latin girls for marriage?

We don’t think anyone would argue that Latin mail order brides are hot. Their faces, their bodies are trendy, but a hot girl doesn’t necessarily make a good wife, right? In fact, men are looking not only for beauty and youth but also for plenty of other things. Of course, all the characteristics that we mentioned above are generalizations, but girls in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Argentina, and other popular countries do have something in common.

  • Special attitude towards and loyalty to the family. That’s the thing that attracts men most, of course, if they are really ready to settle down. If you are looking for a Latin mail order wife, you probably expect her to be as motivated to start a family as you are, have children, grow old together, and do things like that. The good news is that’s what Latin girls want, too.
  • Emotions, passion, motivation, ambitions. Latin females hate it when foreigners call them spicy, think that all of them are super emotional, and maybe these are just wrong terms. These women are full of life, they are spontaneous, motivated to move forward in all spheres, and that’s attractive, too.
  • Ability to assimilate to western society easily. Most Latin societies are more westernized than, for example, Asian ones. The cultural gap between a Latin wife and a western husband is usually not that big, which is pretty good. Yes, they’ll need to learn more about each other’s traditions, values, etc., but they will likely have fewer misunderstandings and therefore, conflicts.

Basically, these are the main reasons why men look for Latin wives online. But what about the motivation of ladies?

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Why do Latin brides seek western men?

Latin women for marriage have their reasons to look for boyfriends and future husbands abroad, too. No, it’s not about immigration itself. They migrate to get married, not get married to migrate for the following reasons:

  • Machismo. An exaggerated sense of manliness is not always good. It often results in a lack of respect for women, adultery, and even domestic violence.
  • Bad relationship experiences. Yes, that’s personal, but many women decide that they can find an ideal match abroad because they couldn’t find it in their own country.
  • Desire for equality. Latin ladies are seeking respect, self-realization, and self-development and look for someone who’d have similar views and respect their decisions.
  • Unmet fertility. It’s not easy to raise children in developing countries, and as we’ve mentioned above, a lot of Latin women do want to have kids (often not just one child),
  • Attraction. In many Latin countries, western men are just considered attractive. In part, this is explained by the fact that they are seen as better-educated, more respectful, and caring men.

Some ladies decide to look for a match abroad for one of the above-mentioned reasons, some do it because of a few of them—these are just the most common social, economic, and personal factors that usually make them take this step.

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How much does a Latin mail order bride cost?

How can one find a Latin bride? It’s pretty simple, actually. You just need to choose an international dating website, preferably the site that accepts members looking for serious relationships (and with a lot of female members in Latin countries, of course), start to contact ladies, meet a special girl, start dating her online, then come to her country to meet her in person, date her in real life, and then, well, make a serious decision and marry her if you feel you’re doing the right thing.

Of course, dating and travel services are not provided for free. So, how much does a man who wants to meet Latin brides spend? It depends on a lot of things, in particular, on the site, its prices and payment system (credits or membership), number of women he contacts, the time he needs to meet a special woman, her location, his location, his travel style, etc. Still, most men usually spend 3-6 thousand dollars on online dating and a few trips to a bride’s country.

Final thoughts

Generally speaking, there is a huge demand for Latin women, and there’s a supply—ladies have their reasons to migrate to get married, too. Just note that the chance is real and if you decide to start looking for a bride, be careful when choosing the dating platform.

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