Some think Mexican brides are exotic, some think they are extremely traditional and therefore make great wives and mothers, the others think they are too emotional and loud sometimes. There are lots of stereotypes about Mexican mail order wives—and here, we’ll tell you the truth about them. If you’re wondering how to get a Mexican wife, this is the right place for you, too—in this guide, we’ll explain how to meet mail order brides from Mexico and how much it costs!

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Why choose Mexican wives?

When it comes to Mexican mail order brides, it’s usually about similar stereotypes people have about Latinas— emotional and talkative, love dancing and have traditional gender roles, only want to be the home caretakers, etc.

mexican mail order bride in red swimsuit

However, it’s not 100% true when talking about modern Mexican females. They are very different from what some American men expect, and they are definitely not that conservative and traditional anymore. Here, we will talk about 4 reasons to meet Mexican girls for marriage—we’ll take a look at some of them through the prism of stereotypes and we’ll help you understand what to expect from a Mexican mail order wife.

Mexican brides are extremely loyal to their husbands

It’s not a Mexican-only thing, by the way—according to various surveys and polls, Hispanic women tend to cheat less than black and white women (13%, 22%, and 16% respectively). There are lots of factors associated with low infidelity rates, such as religion, family background, etc.

Mexican mail order brides as emotional as foreigners expect them to be

Some people consider Mexican girls to be more loud and emotional than Asian and European people, and it’s not that far from the truth. However, it’s not that they are bad at controlling their emotions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—according to some therapists, Hispanic women (including Mexican ladies) usually don’t express their emotions very openly and they always seek the positive side even in negative things. So if you ask if they are emotional, then yes, they are—especially if compared to women from the US or Asia. But we can’t say that it’s always a bad thing—it’s rather something you’ll really enjoy.

Mexican wives are traditional

It’s a stereotype that has been around for a while and that’s what makes thousands of American men seek a Mexican mail order wife. This stereotype is partially true, basically—it depends on what you mean by “traditional”. Thus, if a “traditional” woman is a family-oriented woman for you, then yes, Mexican wives have large families and respect the family ties as much as possible. If a “traditional” woman is a woman whose only job is to clean, cook, and care for children, then no—modern Mexican women don’t think that it’s the only way the family can work. The number of female household leaders in Mexico is constantly increasing and women in this country understand the importance of gender equality better now than 20 or 30 years ago. So yes, they are traditional—but they are definitely not too conservative or obedient.

mexican bride resting

How to meet Mexican brides?

If you’re going to find a Mexican bride, it’s highly recommended to focus on online dating. It’s much cheaper and faster than going to Mexico City, it’s much safer than offline dating in Mexico, and it requires much fewer dating skills. You just choose a website, sign up, and start chatting with Mexican girls online—it’s simple, fast, and pretty cheap, especially when compared with offline dating.

Why do Mexican women seek Western men?

There is a thing with “macho” behavior in Mexico. In a macho culture, men earn respect through their ability to provide for the family and to protect it (which is a good thing). At the same time, this culture makes men aggressive and domineering. Most young Mexican women don’t want a “macho” guy—well, even if they do, it’s not the most important requirement when choosing a partner for them. Most of them want to meet a respectful, kind, empathetic, and caring man. That’s what they expect to find in the United States and that’s why they, or at least the majority of them, become Mexican mail order brides.

How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

You can’t just go and “buy” a Mexican wife. It’s called international dating for a reason—you’ll have to go through all the dating stages, from initial meeting and curiosity to becoming a couple and engagement. The only difference is that the first two stages are usually online, but other than that, everything is very similar to how it’s usually happening in the US. So, here’s what you’ll have to pay for:

  • Mexican mail order bride websites cost around $50-$80 per month
  • A flight to Mexico costs around $200
  • 1 week in Mexico will cost you $1,000-$1,500
  • The wedding will cost around $8,000-$10,000


Mexican women for marriage are very beautiful, traditional, and feminine. They speak English well, they are not strangers to American culture, and all this means adjusting to a new country isn’t a problem for them. Thousands of Mexican brides are searching for American men right now—so you only have to sign up on a Mexican dating website to chat with them!