The main problem with Belarusian brides is that they are not popular among American men at all. Talking about absolute numbers, there are 8-9 times more K-1 visa holders from Russia and Ukraine than from Belarus—but of course, this doesn’t mean that Belarusian mail order wives are not worth your time. In fact, they are worth it—probably even more than anyone else. Here, we will explain how to get a Belarusian wife, how to date her, and how much you’ll have to spend to meet her!

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Why choose Belarusian women for marriage?

The first thing that typically comes to mind when one thinks of Belarusian mail order brides is that they must be similar to Ukrainian and Russian women. Well, this is partially true, but only partially. Belarusian females have a lot of common traits with both Ukrainian and Russian girls, but at the same time, they are pretty different from them. Here, we’ll tell you the top 3 facts that will help you understand Belarusian ladies better!

belarusian mail order bride in lingerie

  1. They are calm and quiet. It’s not that they are too shy and obedient, of course—that’s definitely not the right word to describe Belarusian girls. However, they are definitely not as “loud” as South Slavic women and Ukrainian women (in this regard, they are pretty similar to the ladies from Russia). At the same time, you can’t just say that women from Belarus are too cold or not emotional at all—they might look cold at the first sight, but once you get to know them better, you’ll understand that the first impression isn’t always right.
  2. Having a Belarusian mail order wife means having a 100% loyal and supportive partner. These women are quite old-fashioned when it comes to family roles and they believe that the wife must always support her husband. In this regard, they are pretty similar to the ladies from Ukraine.
  3. Belarusian girls for marriage are very open-minded and have no prejudices. They don’t think that dating a man from another country, be it a Slavic or a Western country, is something wrong. However, we can’t say that they are extremely fond of foreigners or that you will get a lot of brownie points just because of your citizenship—it’s not how it works with Belarusian beauties. They just don’t care about your nationality or citizenship, that’s all.

Dating Belarusian brides: Useful tips

The very first piece of advice we can give you is: only date Belarusian wives online. Belarus isn’t the safest place for a Westerner nowadays, but it’s not even about safety—it’s about cutting the costs and saving your time. Why waste time and money when you can find a Belarusian bride online without even leaving your home?

As for some other tips, here they are:

  • Pay for the date. It’s a part of the dating etiquette in Belarus, as well as in the absolute majority of Slavic countries.
  • Be a gentleman and do some cute romantic things for her. Dance with her, have a surprise date, compliment her, buy her flowers—it’s simple but it really works.
  • Don’t expect to have sex on the first date.
  • Pay for her Uber home and make sure she gets home safe. It’s a nice thing to do and it’s another integral part of Slavic dating etiquette.
  • Look your best and don’t be late. We don’t want to say that being late on a date with a Belarusian mail order bride is a red flag for her, but it’s not something she’ll like.

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Why do Belarusian girls seek Western men?

This is an extremely popular question for men who are going to meet Belarusian mail order brides. Indeed, why would all those beautiful, young, and family-centered women want to meet a foreigner? Can’t they just find a decent man in Belarus?

They can’t. Young Belarusian brides don’t have extremely high standards, but they obviously want their men to be respectful, caring, romantic, and strong—and that’s what they struggle to find in Belarus. That’s why they start searching for a man from another country—and the United States looks like a great choice for them. In short, they simply think American men make better boyfriends and husbands than men from Belarus!

How much does a Belarusian mail order bride cost?

You can’t purchase a person. The whole process of “buying” a mail order bride, as some call it, is literally online dating that goes offline once you and your partner decide that it’s time to meet. That’s why you don’t pay for “buying” a woman—you pay for a flight to Belarus, for the hotel, and for the wedding. Here’s how much it costs:

  • A flight to Belarus will cost you around $800
  • 1 week in Minsk costs $500-$1,000
  • The wedding in Belarus may cost you anything from $20 (registration and certificate) to $5,000 (a fancy wedding party with 100 guests)


Belarusian girls are both similar and different from other Slavic girls. What we can say is that they are definitely worth dating—and you can start chatting with them right now!