Hot and loud, feminine and sometimes jealous, strong and romantic—these are the words that come to mind first when one thinks about Puerto Rican brides. Some of these stereotypes are true why others aren’t—here, we will help you understand Puerto Rican females better. We will tell you much more than that, actually—here, you’ll find out how much it costs to get a Puerto Rican mail order wife and where to meet Puerto Rican ladies!

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Why choose Puerto Rican wives?

You probably already know that Puerto Rican mail order brides are extremely hot and exotic. Their olive skin, extremely attractive faces, sexy fit bodies, and passionate attitude to everything they do are the things that can alone make you fall for Puerto Rican hotties. However, that’s not the only thing you have to know about them. Let’s talk about 3 more reasons to date Puerto Rican women for marriage!

puerto rican mail order bride sunbathing

  • Divorce isn’t an option for them, and it’s not just words. According to the statistics, the divorce rate in Puerto Rico is only 3 per 1,000—in the US, for example, it’s 5 times higher (14.9 per 1,000 citizens). The exact reasons are unknown, but we can safely say that this has something to do with the overall religiousness of Puerto Ricans—thus, 75% of Puerto Ricans say that religion is very important for them. Obviously, it’s also about how Puerto Rican wife understands the concept of family—for them, the family is the most important thing in the world.
  • Another important thing to understand before you meet Puerto Rican mail order wives is that these women are extremely friendly and open-minded. They have no prejudices against American or Western men, they don’t think that dating a man from another country is a bad thing, and they don’t care about the skin color of a man. They just don’t care about your citizenship as long as you’re a decent, respectful, and loyal partner.
  • They are not boring at all. These women are extremely fun and they are always energetic, it’s impossible to get bored with them, and it looks like they always have additional sources to gain energy. With Puerto Rican girls for marriage, you will forget about the relationship boredom!

How to meet Puerto Rican brides?

Want to find a Puerto Rican bride? Don’t know how to do it? There aren’t that many ways you can go. Basically, it’s only about offline and online dating—and we believe that dating Puerto Rican mail order brides online is a better option.

puerto rican girl for marriage smiling

The point is, it’s much cheaper and faster to create an account on a dating site than to go to Puerto Rico. You don’t need to buy the tickets and pay for a trip to this island without any guarantees that you will at least have 1 date with a Puerto Rican girl. Instead, you can chat with hundreds of women from Puerto Rico, choose the ones you like best, and ask them out. It’s simple, fast, and it’s cheap—most Puerto Rican bride websites cost around $60 per month.

Why do Puerto Rican mail order brides seek Western men?

For most of all, it’s about finding a foreign man who will treat them with more respect than their local men. Another important factor is that as we’ve just said, Puerto Rican women for marriage are very romantic, therefore they want their men to make romantic things for them—and they are sure that men from the United States are better when it comes to romance and chivalry than Puerto Rican guys.

Of course, it’s also about getting a better life, better healthcare system, better education for children, and better career opportunities. Young Puerto Rican brides understand that the US is generally a better place for living, so this is another reason why they want to meet a man from the US. But it has nothing to do with gold-digging because they don’t actually want your money—most of them want to find a decent man, while better opportunities and everything else they can get in the United States is just the icing on this cake.

How much does a Puerto Rican mail order wife cost?

You can not just go to Puerto Rico and pay someone to get a wife, obviously. What you can do is go through all the stages of online and offline dating, from the first chat to engagement. Here’s how much you’ll have to pay:

  • A premium subscription on a Puerto Rican mail order bride website costs around $50-$80 per 1 month
  • A flight from New York to San Juan costs around $350-$400 (round trip)
  • 1 week in Puerto Rico can cost you anything from $800 to $1,600
  • The wedding will cost you around $8,000-$15,000. Weddings are quite expensive in Puerto Rico which is no surprise because this is an extremely popular tourist destination


Energetic, fun, loyal, family-centered, feminine, and extremely hot—Puerto Rican girls are definitely worth dating. What’s more, they really love dating American men, so don’t waste your time, choose a Puerto Rican dating site, and start chatting with them today!