Slovakia is a small, peaceful, and nice Slavic country in Central Europe. It’s a very beautiful country without much ambition and with a high level of life—and you must admit that it doesn’t sound like the leader of the mail order bride industry. That’s completely true—the number of Slovakian brides who got married to American men was 22 in 2019, and it’s one of the lowest results both in Europe and in the whole world!

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The weird thing here is that Slovakian females are just great. They are extremely beautiful, they are a bit traditional (but not to the extent where it can become annoying), they make great wives, and they are perfectly balanced between Slavic traditionalism and Westernization. So what’s the deal here? Why are Slovakian mail order wives not popular among men from the US? And what should you do if you’ve decided to find a Slovakian wife? Continue reading to find the answers!

slovakian girl for marriage in backyard

Why choose Slovakian women for marriage?

Here, we’ll talk about the top reasons why Slovakian mail order brides are worth dating. By the way, we skipped the fact that Slovakian wives are extremely beautiful here—instead, we’ve decided to focus on their character traits and other features. But yes, they are really hot—so keep this in mind when reading the following list.

  1. Slovakian girls are confident. Thanks to the Slovakian society that promotes positive self-esteem and considers women equal to men, modern Slovakian wives are very confident—and this definitely affects the way these women date. They feel comfortable setting boundaries, they know what they’re looking for (and they are not afraid of it), and if a Slovakian bride agrees on a date with you, you can be sure she’s genuinely interested in you.
  2. They are straightforward, like all Western Slavs. If she likes you, you’ll know it, but if she doesn’t, she won’t play games with you.
  3. Slovakian brides are very ambitious and educated. In this regard, they are very much like women from the United States.
  4. And they are very Westernized, of course. Their dating culture, their values, their views on gender equality and family roles—all these have been influenced and inspired by Western culture and values.
  5. They speak English! English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Slovakia, and while it might sound unimportant, it’s really a very important thing for international dating. Just the fact alone you won’t have any problems because of the language barrier makes the idea of getting a Slovakian mail order wife much more attractive!

Dating Slovakian mail order brides: Useful tips

Once you find a Slovakian bride, chat with her, and realize that you two like each other, it’s time to arrange the date. The following dos and don’ts will help you not screw up on the very first date with a Slovakian lady:

slovakian mail order bride sunbathing

  • Be confident. These women are confident, they love confident men, so you have to look confident to impress them. It’s very simple, actually.
  • Bringing a first date gift is a good idea when it comes to Slovakia. A bouquet can work great, too, but make sure the number of flowers is odd (giving an even number of flowers is bad luck in Slovakia, as well as in any other Slavic country).
  • Look your best. Slovakian ladies look gorgeous, so you need to try your best, too.
  • Avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, LGBT (yes, they consider it a sensitive topic in Slovakia).
  • No Eurotrip jokes, please—they have already heard all of them. And they have Euros now, so you won’t love that exchange rate.

Why do Slovakian brides seek Western men?

At the beginning, we promised to answer the question “why are Slovakian mail order brides not popular among American men?”, and here comes the answer: because they just don’t need it. The thing is, Slovakian women are very open-minded and they like/dislike people based on their personality traits, not on their skin color or nationality. That’s why they don’t have any special feelings for American men—and that’s why most American men are not interested (or are simply unaware) in these women.

How much does a Slovakian mail order bride cost?

Going to meet Slovakian girls for marriage in their country? Then, you’ll have to spend some cash. Here’s how much it usually costs to find, meet, and marry a Slovakian bride:

  • First, you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription on a dating website. This will cost you around $60 per 1 month.
  • Then, you’ll need to buy a ticket to Bratislava—it will cost you $800-$1,000.
  • A 1-week trip to Slovakia will cost you $1,500-$2,000.
  • The weddings are quite cheap in this country—prepare to spend $1,000-$5,000


Slovakian women are just great and they are definitely worth dating. The best and the fastest way to meet gorgeous Slovakian ladies are dating websites. Choose the website, sign up, and chat with thousands of Slovakian girls for dating online—you can do it right now!