If you’re thinking of getting a Slovenian mail order wife, you’ve come to the right place—here, we will tell you everything about Slovenian brides!

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Slovenian mail order brides are not like other Slavic women. This is especially easy to notice when you compare them to the women from the biggest mail order bride countries, such as Ukraine or Russia. Although they have a lot of common character traits with Ukrainians and Russians, Slovenian femaes are much more similar to the ladies from Western countries—they are career-oriented, ambitious, and are well-aware of equality issues.

slovenian mail order bride in swimsuit

Why choose Slovenian girls for marriage?

Let’s start with some reasons to date Slovenian ladies—these women are really worth dating and it’s not just words.

  • Slovenian women for marriage are very career-oriented and hard-working. This is what they have in common with modern American ladies and that’s what makes them so unique among other Slavic women. Many Slovenians believe that it’s very important for a woman to become a well-established professional before having kids.
  • At the same time, they are very feminine. Modern Slovenian mail order wives are sweet, romantic, and very caring. This may sound strange because we’ve just said they are very career-oriented, but that’s how it always works with Slovenian women. They keep a perfect balance between being professional and being feminine and sweet.
  • They are open-minded and free from prejudices. This country is located in the center of Europe so they got used to foreign tourists decades ago. As for dating, they believe that personality traits are much more important than nationality. If you’re a good and decent man, they don’t care about your ethnicity or citizenship.
  • Slovenian girls for marriage speak English quite well. This is extremely important because this means you will not have any communication problems and misunderstandings with your Slovenian mail order wife.
  • Slovenian women are much more traditional than Western ladies when it comes to their family values. As we’ve said, it’s always about balance when it comes to Slovenian mail order brides—they treat their partners with respect and they know how to make their men happy, but they don’t sacrifice their ambitions and career goals for the sake of their husbands.
  • They are very attractive. Blonde hair, very beautiful faces, great sense of style, perfect makeup skills—Slovenian women look exactly as you expect beautiful Slavic girls to look.

How to meet Slovenian brides?

You can find a Slovenian wife in Slovenia—it’s entirely possible that these ladies will gladly communicate with you if you approach them on the streets. However, it’s quite expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we recommend you date Slovenian wives online—it’s cheap, it’s extremely fast, and it’s really convenient. You just open a dating site, create an account, and start chatting with thousands of Slovenian women—it’s really that simple!

Why do Slovenian girls seek Western men?

Another important thing you have to be aware of before you meet Slovenian mail order brides is that these women don’t actually have any special feelings for American men. Unlike the girls from some East European countries, Slovenian ladies don’t think that men from the United States make perfect husbands. Unlike the girls from some Southeast Asian countries, Slovenian women don’t want to flee from their country because of poor economic conditions.

slovenian girl for marriage swimming

So, why are they doing it? The answer is simple: because they can, because they want to, and because it sounds like a good idea to them. There aren’t any special reasons why Slovenian brides seek Western men and there is no special treatment for American men in Slovenia. As we’ve said before, your personality is much more important for these women than your nationality.

How much does a Slovenian mail order bride cost?

First, a short disclaimer: you can not buy a woman, it’s impossible and illegal to “purchase” a person. The process of dating a mail order bride is sometimes called “buying” just because of a poor word choice, nothing else.

However, you’ll still have to pay for such things as tickets to Slovenia, a premium subscription on a dating website (because most of these sites aren’t free to use), etc. Here’s how much it will cost:

  1. The premium subscription on a dating service will cost you $60-$80 per month
  2. A ticket to Ljubljana usually costs around $600-$1,100 (a round-trip ticket)
  3. A 1-week trip to Slovenia costs $700-$1,200 (but it depends on a lot of factors e.g your hotel’s level of service, restaurants you choose, etc)
  4. The weddings are quite expensive in Slovenia—you will need to pay something around $10,000-$15,000


Slovenian wives are certainly not as popular as women from Ukraine, Russia, or other Slavic countries. But Slovenian girls are 100% worth dating—they make great wives, they are very beautiful and feminine, and they are really intelligent and ambitious. It’s extremely easy to meet a Slovenian bride, by the way—you only need to create a profile on a dating site to start chatting with thousands of these women.