Venezuelan brides are not the most popular women when it comes to international dating and mail order brides. This is not surprising at all, taking into account the economic situation and the crisis that is currently affecting the whole country. It’s neither a popular tourist destination (especially when it comes to American tourists) nor a popular place for international dating tours (because of safety concerns).

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However, there are still thousands of Venezuelan females who are searching for a man from the US—and here, we will tell you all you need to know about them. We’ll explain how much it costs to get a Venezuelan mail order wife, how to date Venezuelan girls, and why it’s actually a good idea to meet Venezuelan women!

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Why choose Venezuelan girls for marriage?

There are lots of reasons to meet Venezuelan mail order brides. Here, we’ll tell you about 3 of them—and believe it or not, it’s not only about their beauty!

  • Venezuelan females are very direct and straightforward. These women don’t play with words and they don’t have to hide anything from their partners, friends, or family. If you’re dating a Venezuelan mail order bride, you have to be sure that she will always tell you what she thinks without trying to be “nice”.
  • They are very feminine. If you want your wife to be sweet, supportive, warm, and a bit passive, a Venezuelan wife is exactly what you’re looking for. However, you need to understand that too much femininity isn’t always a perfect thing—thus, women who are raised as princesses often expect their men to do everything for them and to pay for all their expenses. Not that you will necessarily meet a girl with such a mindset, but the chances are not that low, so you need to be aware of it.
  • Venezuelan brides are not boring. There is no general consensus on where the boredom can set in the relationship—some say the relationship gets boring in 6 months, the others cite the 2-years mark—but most people think it’s normal to be bored in a long-term relationship. However, this will not be the case with your Venezuelan mail order wife. These women are very interesting to talk to and it looks like they’re always fun.

Dating Venezuelan women: Useful tips

First of all, it’s highly recommended to focus on meeting Venezuelan mail order brides online. That’s the fastest, the cheapest, and without any doubts the safest way to find a Venezuelan bride—because if you do it online, you do not need to go to Venezuela which is obviously not the safest place today. Let’s talk about some other tips:

venezuelan girl for marriage in top

  1. You shouldn’t expect sex on the first date with a lady from Venezuela. The point is, these women are extremely hot, but they are certainly not easy. Not being patient on the first date with a Venezuelan woman is probably the shortest route to a ruined date.
  2. Dress your best. It’s not the most important thing in the world, of course, but Venezuelan ladies believe that it’s extremely important for a man to look his best. This will also make you feel more comfortable and confident on a date.
  3. Pay for the meals. It’s a part of their dating etiquette and you just can’t change it.

Why do Venezuelan brides seek Western men?

Before you meet Venezuelan mail order brides, you probably want to understand why these women actually become mail brides. The answer is really simple.

It’s all about a better life and potentially better partners. Everything is clear with the first fact, of course—Venezuela is not the safest place to live right now. When it comes to the “better men” thing, it’s not that simple. We don’t want to offend men from Venezuela here, but Venezuelan women for marriage want to be treated better and they want to get more respect from their men. Unfortunately for Venezuelan men, that’s what they lack—and that’s what American men are great at.

How much does a Venezuelan mail order bride cost?

You do not want to go to Venezuela because of a continuing crisis, an extremely high poverty rate, and a high threat from violent crime and kidnapping throughout the whole country. Venezuela, however, doesn’t ban its citizens from moving abroad—so you’ll be able to meet your Venezuelan bride in a third-party country such as Brazil or Colombia. The only problem is that it’s most likely you who will have to pay for everything including travel expenses for your bride. Let’s be more detailed:

  • A flight to Brazil/Colombia—$400-$500
  • A week in Brazil/Colombia—$500-$1,000
  • The wedding—probably around $20-$50 because you will most likely not have to organize a party for the guests


Venezuelan women are great. They are beautiful, traditional, feminine, and straightforward—but it’s really hard to meet them. What is easy, however, is to chat with them—you don’t even need to leave your home to do it!